Shenfeng Li | „Miestas kaip atminties archyvas“ | “City as a memory archive”

Every city is like a kind of unique archive of history and memory. There are many memory details in the city, possibly including old doors and windows, mottled paint caused by transition use, meaningful street graffiti, and a variety of architectural details that carry people’s memories. Many contemporary art creations focus on memory and the inner state of people today. We find that many works are presented in a way similar to a life diary, that is, a memory of life. This is just a selective memory of what happened to you or related things, and the subtle influence of what you have seen, what you have learned over the years, and what you don’t know. The creation of some artists is a kind of life diary, different from written records. Many contemporary artists reconstruct the memory of fragments through the screening memory of individual experiences. People at each stage live in different environments and have different experiences. Even in the same environment, there is a very different perception.

In my work, I hope to record this memory in a painting way. In a painting process my experience and memory mixes with the memory of others. This memory is like a life diary that can be captured through some details in the city. Feel and capture the history of the city and life in these details. These works include architectural details of Beijing and the old town of Kaunas. Through the details of architecture in different regions, we can intuitively feel regional differences and cultural differences, and thus feel different histories. In my paintings, I attempted to convey the relationship between artistic discourse, personal memory, and the city. Explore the old city in your memory.

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