Kristina Čivilytė “The Beehive and Biocentrism“

In Exhibition “The Beehive and Biocentrism” by Kristina Čivilytė, Master of Painting, Kaunas Faculty of Painting, Vilnius Academy of Arts, it is raised thoughts about nature, its diversity, systems, connections, and the impact of nature on human emotion and imagination. The environment of a perfect micro-society – a bee system is depicted. From the parts it is created a beehive that contains all of life. Sometimes in the image of beehive you can also see the moving bees. It is revealed the possibility of survival in the system, constant movement, cycles, rhythms. One system influences other, is related, creates and interacts. For example, the bee community lives according to a systematic, strict structure, has a clear division of functions. A bee family is also dependent on other systems – trees, plants, air cleanliness, etc., is sensitive to change and can easily disappear when the necessary ecosystems are damaged. If bees disappeared, the survival of humans and trees would be in real danger.            

Diversity of ecosystems, interactions of trees, networks of mushrooms, symbiotic networks, cooperation between different forms of nature – all this shows that different species, organisms are interconnected, are part of a larger biotic network. There are no strict boundaries between animals and plants, living and inanimate nature. The fact that we are part of a system, and that our environment is also made from small particles, inspires the creation of images and objects.

It also rises the global ecological problems because of destruction of nature, which necessitates to come to biocentric approach to the environment and the world. The main question in our day consumer society, in the face of environmental pollution, the destruction and waste of the Earth as a planet, should be the following: maybe it is better to review the values and notice the natural, biocentric view of the world? Where a human being is understood as integrated part of nature, not the ruler over the nature. So what is really the relationship between nature and man, society, civilization?

Artist Kristina Čivilytė explores the biocentric approach, the theme of trees. Since 2013, she has been participating in exhibitions, presenting her works in group and personal exhibitions. In November, 2018, Kristina Čivilytė participated in the International Art Meet in Pilani, India, and in March, 2019 her drawings were in Joint Exhibition in Athens, Greece.

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