Kristina Čivilytė “Metaphysics of Trees”

Kristina Čivilytė, a Master of Painting at Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts, explores the theme of trees, the biocentric approach. Since 2013, she has been participating in exhibitions, presenting her works in group and personal exhibitions, in Kaunas and other cities. In November, 2018, Kristina Čivilytė participated in the International Art Meet in Pilani, India, and in March, 2019 her drawings were in Joint Exhibition in Athens, Greece.

In Exhibition “Metaphysics of Trees” the purpose is to look at the meaning of trees, to reveal the relationship between a tree and a human being and to convey it as an image, to draw attention to the problems of the destruction of nature, interactions between civilization and nature, existential issues, to find out, to deepen the importance of nature, trees, to return to the roots, realize the circle of life. The tree is perceived as creative inspiration and creative space, revealing a biocentric approach to the world. In the old Baltic culture, where the biocentric approach to the environment prevailed, and the human being perceived as part of nature rather than the ruler, the trees were not just objects, but the mediators, the gateway to eternity. World Tree makes the axis around which space and the whole universe are formed.

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